20/20 is an interesting album because it's geared toward more a hard rock, country and psychedelic sound.

The album 20/20 pretty much said so long to the surf sound, however; they do revisit their song "Do It Again" which had major commercial success. Singled well in the U.K. and Australia.

Original LP track list:

  1. "Do It Again"
  2. "I Can hear Music"
  3. "Bluebirds Over The Mountain"
  4. "Be With me"
  5. "All I Want to Do"
  6. "The Nearest Faraway Place"

Side 2:

  1. "Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)"
  2. "I Went To Sleep"
  3. "Time To Get Alone"
  4. "Never learn Not to Love"
  5. "Our prayer"
  6. "Cabinessence"

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The Beach Boys, "Do It Again"

The Beach Boys, "I Can hear Music":