It seems that almost every day I'm hearing audio from Police across the country of people calling 911, and not for emergencies either.  

I can't quite wrap my head around why the "great" citizens of this GREAT country feel so entitled to call 911 for a complaint against a Subway employee?!  Really, you didn't get exactly what you ordered and you are calling 911 to report it?  FU!

Well that's exactly what this lady on the call did.  She ordered a Fatizza from Subway and apparently got marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce.  OH NO!  Well she felt like it was a legitimate crime (and apparently severe enough) to call 911.

This story does have a happy ending though, the woman was arrested.

Here's another call to 911 that happened a couple weeks ago in Oregon but was just released.  This guy calls in to ask for pot.  Yep.  That's what 911 was intended for, to hook people up with pot.  WTF!