The very first concert that The Beatles ever performed in the U.S. is going to be put in its entirety into a new documentary. Who has two thumbs and is over the moon about it? This girl. 

The Beatles: The Lost Concert is a documentary that follows Beatlemania with interviews from the people responsible for bringing The Fab Four stateside and it includes their first concert that they ever played at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, DC on February 11th, 1964.

There will also be interviews from the members of Aerosmith, Chuck Berry and their opening act for the concert, Tommy Roe. There are also clips of George Harrison's sister, (who was living in the states at the time) Louise and the concert promoters that brought the show to the U.S.

This documentary is very special for a few reasons. About a month after the concert, it was shown via closed circuit to theaters across the U.S. and that was the last time the public ever saw it. This is also the first and only Beatles concert to be shown start to finish. It begins a very limited two day run at participating theaters May 17 and 22 which, good news, the Parkwood is one of the participating theaters. It will show at 7:30pm both nights. Want tickets? Click HERE.