Are you looking for love, single, maybe on the prowl for that special girl and fly a lot? Your mission for picking up women doesn't have to stop because you're some 25 to 30,000 feet in the air.Put your wings on and stop gloating while skimming through the Sky Mall catalog, I personally have found that meeting and courting that lovely gal can easily happen while in flight.

According to Thrillist the top three airlines for picking up girls and why is as follows:

  • Virgin America - this airlines has seat to seat texting (nice), find the girls of your dreams on this flight and no matter where she is sitting you can flirt via text or buy her a drink.
  • Spirit - this is a low cost airline and has a lot of delays which gives you plenty of time to play the field.
  • Southwest Airlines - this is the number one airline to get the girl. First off you can sit where you want. Imagine you see her sitting in row 15a, grab the seat next to her 15b and get your game on.

Good luck and when you find her flirt up, up, and away!