The night before Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest bar night, and we want to see who you feel has the best bar for this night in central Minnesota!

It's surprising to think that going out to a bar the night before Thanksgiving is bigger than any other night of the year, but it's true, and every bar owner will agree with that. There's a ton of bars around the area that plan special events for this coming Wednesday night because of this.

Family comes to town to visit for Thanksgiving the night before, and there's a certain itch to head out with the fun family members to get your drink on before stuffing your face the next day. I've always been confused on this as you end up hung over the next day and look like a zombie as you sit at the dinner table. Never the less, it is a tradition that happens every year.

We'd like to do our due-diligence in helping put together the top best bars to visit on Thanksgiving eve in Central Minnesota. Be sure to vote below to nominate your favorite. We'll be sure and post the results just before that big day!