The end is apparently very near for an American icon and one of my personal radio heroes.

Gossip website TMZ is reporting that Casey Kasem is in very grave condition due to advanced Parkinson's Disease. This sad news is made even sadder by the fact that his last few months on Earth are being plagued with legal battles, allegations and lawsuits.

Casey's wife Jean Kasem is allegedly barring Casey's children from visiting the former American Top 40 Countdown host in his final days. They claim they don't care about his money, they just say that they want to see their dad. Recently, they children file a lawsuit against their step-mother, claiming that she is preventing them from having any say about their father's medical and a former caregiver is accusing Jean of being emotionally abusive while she was working for the couple and providing care for Casey. She has also filed suit against Jean.

Just this past Friday at a hearing, Jean was asking for a continuance in the suit and it was tossed out on a technicality, but the caregiver can re-file if she chooses. Jean urged against it saying, "the situation" will "resolve or end, unfortunately."

Parkinson's Disease is such a long, slow, painful way to go.  All of this just breaks my heart. Can we let the man die in peace?

Whenever he goes, I'm sure Snuggles will be there waiting.