Casey Kasem's children are going back to court today as the fight over Casey and his care continues. 

Casey Kasem is suffering from a disease called Lewy Body Dimentia, which is akin to Parkinson's Disease, and his health is quickly failing.

Recently, Casey was reported missing by his children prompting a nation wide search for him and he turned up with his nasty wife Jean just outside Seattle in Washington state. That prompted his daughter Kerri Casem to go to court over her father's care. Kerri was given control of her father's care after he was hospitalized with several infections, including an infected bed sore; prompting Casey's kids to accuse Jean of torture. 

Casey's wife, Jean was found to be in contempt and a judge has removed her powers for making decisions for Casey. Casey's children allege that Jean has controlled access to Casey and has not allowed them to see their dad.

Kerri is going to court today to have Casey put into hospice and is also asking that she now be put in charge of who can and cannot see Casey. She claims she just wants him to see his whole family "in case he opens his eyes and looks around. His whole family can be there."

Casey Kasem is 82.