It was on this day back in 1983 that the last Pink Floyd album with Roger Waters hit store shelves. It was an interesting choice for an album title. Here's why. 

The Final Cut was originally planned as a concept album follow up to 1979's The Wall. Its working title was Spare Bricks and Roger Waters wanted to expand on the anti-war theme from The Wall using some leftover songs, but decided against it as a result of the Falklands War and began to write new material. Fellow band member David Gilmour felt that the songs Roger was writing weren't good enough for a new album and Roger felt that David wasn't lyrically contributing as much as he was capable of.

The title of the album was changed from Spare Bricks to The Final Cut as a takeoff of a quote from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, ""This was the most unkindest cut of all".

Roger recalled in an interview that the record was an "absolute misery" to make as it was recorded in eight studios all over Europe and none of them were in the studio at the same time because they couldn't stand the sight of each other.

The cover is made up of different photos that Roger's brother-in-law took. It is a Remembrance Day poppy and four medals from World War II. (In case you were wondering, the medals are a 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross).

In my personal and completely honest opinion as a huge Floyd fan for most of my life, this record sucks. The one good song is called "Not Now John". Try and enjoy.