Seattle Washington is pushing for a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour (it's $9.32 already, highest in the country), something that could go viral to other states if approved.

The buzz on the streets is that some are vowing not to tip wait staff. Your Thoughts in our POLL bring in a good discussion. The Morning Sideshow talk of their thoughts.

Personally I think I would still tip, because I'm all about service and depends on what I tip, deservedly so. I honestly don't care what they make, If the service sucks so will their tip.

Having been in the food industry myself as a bartender, tips what make ends meet.

Now the issue is say a person has been on their job for 8 years as a machinist, i.e., and makes $16.00 an hour, it might be a problem raising the minimum wage to $15.00, see where I'm going here.

Tipping customs vary by state. Some don't tip at all. Why do we tip just to be nice or tip based on service?  Dive into out POLL and let's us know what you'd do when it comes to tipping: