Best TV Show - "Sherlock" on PBS. It's beyond good. "Hawaii Five O" truly rocks as well (well, okay, I'm being a bit partial because it features my future wife Grace). Friday Night Lights is still a world I look forward to visiting. Sucks it's in its last season.

Best Movie - "The Fighter" wins by decision. "True Grit" was damn good and "The Social Network" was well done. But boxing, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale get the nod. Special mention to "Machete" (I never wanted to be a cell phone so badly).

Best Concert - Stone Temple Pilots at Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Said it before, I'll say it again; Scott Weiland is a born rockstar - in every sense of the word.

Biggest Disappointment - No, I haven't forgotten. I picked the Vikings to win the Superbowl. Runner up: Brock Lesnar.

Most Missed Person(s) - Bill Bieloh, he of Moondance Jam. 16 years. Lunches. Meetings. Laughs. Music.

 Doug, I hate walking by your desk.

Two others;  it Just Stinks. I'm sorry I lacked the emotional infrastructure for you to want to explore the future.

And my hairstylist "D"? Come Back!


Best Haircut - Laurel at REGIS Salon in Crossroads rides in to save the day.

Best Song - "Sex is Good" by Saving Abel. Sure, I like the theme, but the beat and delivery? It could be "Rice is Good" and it'd still rock.

Most Thankful For - Rick, JB, Cass Street, Sugar; I'm still welcome at the places on earth where I know I'll always be happy. It's also nice having a gig where even on it's worst days, you still know it's where you belong.

Good co-workers, one good eye, a safe, healthy family and some remaining brain cells are appreciated as well.

Also, "Wal-Mart Connection", yer awesome!

Saddest Moment - A nice doctor telling me what I already knew; to quote Burgess Meredith in "Rocky II"; forget it, kid. Ya got the heart but ya ain't got the tools.

And Doug M; why not someone who wasn't always kind to me???

Coolest Experience - Walking into Target Field the second day it was open was historic. Saw #7 hit his first home run; no, maybe it wasn't during regular season, but it was still sic. Halfway Jam was a home run once again this year as well.

Also met the aforementioned Mr. Lesnar at a car dealership (back when he still had the title).

Personality Of The Year - Hmmmm. Let me say I like dogs and think that people whom intentionally harm animals are very, very dangerous. Still, Michael Vick seems to be seriously on the right track. And I don't mean just on the field. Please be genuine.

What 2011 Needs - Besides Pacquiao vs Mayweather? Daniel Craig again as oo7. And Springsteen and Kid Rock to roll through MN. And Grace Park to finally see the light (I'd be a good husband). And Joe Webb to be for real. And .38 Special/Joan Jett/Kenny Wayne Shepperd at Halfway Jam.

Best Purchase - Realizing that anything I need from American Eagle needs to be size tall. It's made my life so much better. That new matress works (getting rave reviews, anyway). The new flatscreen at Wal Mart was tough to come by on Black Friday, but I love it.

Best Radio Station - Well duh!

Happy new year, gang!