In 2001 when this documentary aired on the BBC, Syd Barrett was still alive, he even watched it.

Syd and hid sister were at the family home where he found some sort of sanctuary to hash out his demons from drug use.

The DVD was originally released in 2003, again in 2006 which is the year we lost Syd. On the 2006 version there was uncut versions of interviews from the original film.

This new release on DVD and digital video format. The audio and video is much improved. If you've never seen it you will get a good inside look at their story. Syd played a big role in the bands direction, as well as; their formation. Unfortunately Syd's story doesn't have a happy ending.

Available May 19th, on 2-DVD

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From 1967, Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett: "Astronomy Domine":