A packed house at McCann's last night was the perfect setting for the hottest chicks in central Minnesota to strut their stuff and mingle with the crowd. Our contest consisted of four parts, the Interview, Talent, IQ Test and Strut.

Baxter and LQ kicked off the 'pageant' with style, then Baxter sat down and had a heart-to-heart with each of the beauties.

After a short break, that included a rowdy game of 'Push My Balls' hosted by Chris to the roar of laughter from the crowd and judges alike, Sloan took the stage to usher in the Talent section.

Sarah jumped on stage and proceeded to create, shall we say, a 'VERY interesting' dinner napkin sculpture. Sloan commented that he would like to borrow it for his next family thanksgiving!

Tia was next and showed us how to handle a shotgun. Needless to say she blew the crowd away, and it's just the sort of talent that makes us think Tia should be the automatic winner for Free Beer Friday every week.

Rachael took the stage next and attempted to juggle some balls, but alas we think all the flashes from the cameras distracted her.

Lauren's talent classed up the joint as she tinkled the keys on her piano.

Angelique jumped on stage last with the strangest of the talents; She explained how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Unfortunately, the info fell short, since she did it all in Spanish!

We moved quickly onto the IQ portion, where Sloan asked several impossibly hard questions, including 'In what country can you find The Great Wall of China?' and 'What does the term BYOB mean?'.

The end was near as each girl took to the stage and the floor to strut their stuff. That's what the crowd was waiting for and they delivered! The crowd then made their decision as to which girl had the best strut and the judges decision was calculated along the LOON staff pick and Angelique Eisinger was crowned as The 2012 LOON Can Coozie Queen! Big thanks to our photographers at the event; Granite City Photography and Sweeter Photography. They did an amazing job and bring you this incredible gallery of shots from the event.

After you've drooled over the pictures, check out the video highlights here.