As heard on the October 13th show:


1. Burglar Busted Making Love to a Teddy Bear

Guy gets busted for breaking into a family's storage shed while jacked up on amphetamines, because he got a little randy with a teddy bear.  The love making was passionate enough to leave behind some DNA.  Ewwwww!






2. Sarcastic People are Smarter

You might think them rude or sassy, but a new study finds that sarcastic people are intelligent.  Thinking beyond the literal meaning of things requires a sort of "mental gymnastics".  In fact, sarcasm can actually strengthen the brain.






3. Indianapolis Airport's New Customer Service Robot

The Indy Airport unveiled a new assistant last week.  It's a customer service robot, which is an iPod mounted on a Segway lookin' thing wearing a t-shirt.  If you have to pay someone to control this thing and talk through it, why not just have the real life person on the floor?  Seems stupid.



Anyone else think this thing is an exact rip-off of Sheldon's "Mobile Virtual Presence Device"?







4. Teacher Quits Job to Twerk

Jessica Vanessa quit her assistant teaching job to focus on something that's making her big bucks - her butt.  The professional twerker has two million social media followers thanks to her six second booty shakin' clips (that her creepy brother films) and is able to make a living through advertisers that are willing to pay for clicks.







5. Which Electronic Voice Assistant is Best?

A group of researchers put Siri, Cortana and Google Now (which we didn't even know existed) to the test to see which service offered the most accurate information.  Each voice assistant was asked thousands of questions and one rose above the competition - Google Now.  Who knew?







6. There's a Bent iPhone Costume

Still looking for a Halloween costume?  Introducing the Bent iPhone!  A good runner up if you're looking to ride this season's biggest trends and you're finding it hard to track down one of those full-body protective Ebola suits.