Guess who's going to be on Price is Right?  Rapper Snoop Dogg has taped an episode of The Price is Right for their first ever Celebrity Week.

Snoop is going up against regular, every day people guessing the actual retail value of groceries and other items, and apparently he did very well. One source inside the show said that Snoop, "knows more about the price of grocery items than you might think!"

"Actress" Jenny McCarthy, actor Neil Patrick Harris, singer Chris Daughtry and model Heidi Klum will also be taking part in the week long shenanigans. Producer Mike Richards says that it was a lot of fun watching celebrities play the games and that each had their own unique strategy to win. (My favorite is Plinko)

The stars will all be playing for their favorite charities. The inaugural Price is Right Celebrity Week kicks off January 2.

Meanwhile, amuse yourself with one of my favorite scenes from the film Happy Gilmore.