The Rascals, YouTube

Dino Danelli, Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish and Felix Cavalier, The Rascals Reunion with their tour on Broadway titled, 'Once Upon A Dream.'   One of the most influencial groups ever assembled.

The Rascals were inducted into The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame back in 1997 with their presenter Steven Van Zandt.

The Rascals had a vicious rhythm section that combined a blend of blues, soul and psychedelia.

For the reunion the band was to take the show on the road to get the kinks out prior to Broadway, but they did just the opposite, hit Broadway and perform then they took their show out on the road, a must see.

As a kid I used to make sure I was home had the TV on for Ed Sullivan to catch The Beatles, but the first time I heard the Rascals I shoved people out the way to catch them on the tube. A band with such high energy that back in the 60's literally tore up the stage.

More bands than I can count to this day have The Rascals listed as one of their major music influences.

The Rascals Reunion on Broadway 2013:


The Rascals then: