As amazing as it may seem, Lindsay Lohan is back to work in a big fashion, she has taken the role as the ever so beautiful yet late Elizabeth Taylor and you would never know the difference. Lindsay had to dye her hair a deep brunette shade and that with the lavender contact lens and boom: Elizabeth Taylor clone.

Lindsay will also sport 66 different looks to accommodate the film. Lindsay will also be adorned with reproductions of Elizabeth's dresses and her 33 carat Krupp diamond. (Please don't let my wife see that diamond).

The Lifetime channel has an upcoming move titled,"Liz and Dick", essentially the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The actor playing the late Richard Burton is that of Grant Bowler (Ugly Betty, True Blood, host of The Amazing Race Australia).

The movie will be filled with drama, laughing and yes love. The setting for the most part is the years 1961 to the year of Richard Burton's death in 1984.

The movie itself is set to air later this year on the Lifetime Channel.