Saying that the band is "too hard to give up", The Scorpions have decided not to head for the retirement home.

After their latest album Sting in the Tail came out in 2010 and before they headed out on a three year long farewell world tour, singer Klaus Meine said that this would be it for The Scorpions. Then after two years on the road, they said that they weren't going to hang it up completely and were just going to "slow things down" and now it sounds like that isn't happening either.

In a new interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Klaus admits that, "It's one thing to say 'this is the end of The Scorpions' and another to do it." They just played what was supposed to be their last concert ever two weeks ago in Munich. Klaus admitted it was a "very emotional" event and deciding not to retire wasn't a hasty one, but rather a gradual realization that they still had more left in the tank. They also realized that they've been around so long, they now have a new legion of fans and "with all the best parties it's sometimes hard to find the door."

Now that they've come off the road, Klaus says that they're working on a few different projects. They're working on an album of songs of unfinished material from the 1980's that they want to put out as well as an album new material. There's also a documentary in the works that's going to span the group's entire history and it goes back longer than you think. The Scorpions were formed in Germany in 1965.