One night of tips add up for stripper in an Atlanta Nightclub. Wow, how does one get that gig?According to Redditor Menagerii  [Source]  she earned during one work day as a stripper tips amounting to $3,445.00 and posted a pic of it all on

Her time on the job was 15.5 hours, shaking her tush from 11:30 a.m. until 3 a.m.

Within that time frame she handled 30 table dances and made five onstage appearances.  She admits the stack of cash was "double an average night," but that kind of cash anyone would appreciate, ya think?

So if you have a cute face good personality that includes wit and you have to be in pretty good shape, chances are you can get hired and who knows, you could be in the money too!

Where's the applications at?