I'll have to admit I as a parent am guilty of some of the things listed below, i.e. lie about my kids age to get free kid admission. Too funny.

I'm pretty sure I never told my daughters the moon was made out of swiss cheese but I have:

  • passed gas and blamed it on my girls
  • used my kid to get out of something
  • told them my own version of a bedtime story
  • chow on the junk food after they are fast asleep

I feel I was a pretty good dad, things I never did were:

  • leave a dirty diaper someplace I shouldn't
  • buy them knock off toys and pass them off as the real McCoy
  • tell my girls a boldface lie
  • promise them we'd come back another time with no intention of ever coming back
  • lose an annoying toy

I have never thought what it would be like without my kids. I love them dearly, they are a big part of my life. I always had some type of fun with them.

Leave a comment if you'd like as to something along the lines what you did as a parent.