If you won the lottery, and never had to worry about money again, what would you do?  You've probably thought about it before.  Well, a new survey asked people that question.  According to PR Newswire, here are the top five answers.

  1. Travel the World.  24% of people said that's what they'd do.
  2. Retire Early.  Which kind of goes with traveling the world.  But that's what 22% of people chose.
  3. Spend it on Your Family . . . 15%
  4. Buy Your Dream House . . . 13%
  5. Turn Your Passion into a Business.  Or in other words, quit your job and launch your OWN business.  11% of the people surveyed said that's what they'd do.

(But 84% of people said they're not sure if they'll EVER achieve financial freedom.)