It's official: Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are hitting the road this year to celebrate 50 years of The Who. 

According to The Guardian, The Who will launch a 50th anniversary tour this fall.

The initial dates for the tour were released yesterday in London and Roger Daltrey said that those dates would be the beginning of "the long goodbye" and that the tour will have "a finality to it". Pete Townshend chimed in and said that he does not like being out on tour, but he is looking forward to this trip because it will be different. It will be about "playing and celebrating their 50th anniversary."

Roger added that they are in the studio and working on a new album, so they'll incorporate that into their set lists.

Dear Roger, When classic bands do new material, that's when I go to the bathroom. Love, Jenna.

The Who will launch their 50th anniversary tour in Scotland in November.