This ought to be real good as they get set to once again break ground by releasing, Quadrophenia , "Can You See the real me?" The Story Behind the Album. This will be a no holds barred documentary of The Who's 1973 album "Quadrophenia".

The plan is The Who will spill the beans on everything it took in the making of the album. The documentary will feature never before heard quotes by Pete Townsend and historical background of the album, in addition to performances of songs from the album itself.

Quadrophenia is the sixth album released (1973) by the The Who, A rock opera that defines the English Teenage perspective on topics like musical, social,  and psychological events set back in London around 1964-65. According to Pete Townsend the whole album was geared to the quadrophonic sound.

It will be a one night only showing all across America in select theaters July 24th, 2012.

Pete Townsend talks of the Directors cut in regards to 'Quadrophenia".