When I first came across this info, I assumed that it was about guys wanting women to wear something skimpy and revealing. Not the case. Instead it turns out there are just some things that guys find to be turn-offs on a date. Love it or hate it, here's the list.

The list appeared on FemaleFirst, and comes from a recent survey. The top things guys hate to see women wear on a date are:

  1. Fake eyelashes.
  2. UGG boots.
  3. Jeans. (This one confuses me.)
  4. Giant sunglasses.
  5. A fake tan.
  6. Gladiator style sandals.

These seem pretty random to me, but the bottom line is that none of it matters. Why? Because in a follow-up survey women were asked if they would change what they wear on dates because of the survey, and they overwhelmingly said, 'No,' they will wear whatever they want on a date, and guys should accept them regardless of what they wear.

I'm fine with that, but then it should work both ways (and we all know it doesn't). Women judge guys based on what they wear, just as much as guys are judging women.

I think 'wedding ring' would have been a funny addition to the list. Wear what you want and let the chips fall where they may.