Linda McCartney, YouTube

...That for the Electric Ladyland album cover, Jimi wanted Linda Eastman (later McCartney) to shoot the band as the cover (?) but it turns out it didn't happen....The record label said "No" to the Eastman idea,however; did you know they( the label) wanted nude women on the cover, that didn't happen due to the controversy of the naked women. Jimi wasn't all about that, the album cover replaced any idea with a cover of Hendrix. Jimi's reason to downplay naked women was it had no ties to the inspiration of the album which was all about the Electric Ladyland studio.

...Did you know hadn't been for the keen eye of Hendrix catching a studio engineer's error in regards to the label of the master, the album would have been called 'Electric Landlady?

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Hendrix, Electric Ladyland "Side C Rainy Days...1983... Moon Turn The Tides":