Jimi Hendrix3, YouTube

Coming up on the anniversary of his birth November 27th he was born Johnny Allen Hendrix, however; when he was four years of age it changed...

Jimi Hendrix3, YouTube

Upon the age of four his name would change to James Marshall Hendrix (after James Allen Ross Hendrix and his late brother  Leon Marshall Hendrix).

Well it's time to hit the stage as a performer which means a stage name needed: Maurice James or Jimmie James, with me so far?

After hiring an agent, Chas Chandler (The Animals bassist, who discovered Jimi), Chas thought best to use Jimi Hendrix, thinking Jimi would stick to our memory better than Jimmy.

Bottom line is it didn't matter what you called him or what he called himself, family and real close friends called him "Buster".

Jimi Hendrix  performing "Hey Joe":

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