I've heard people talk about Coachella. I've even driven past the site it's held (on the way to a lush suburbanite Big Bear touristy resort) out in Sunny California.

But I thought it was a magical place where grunge rock and early 2000's alt-metal bands wowed the burgeoning Gen Zer's with the scathing rebel rock they grew up with, much like Cheap Trick or Foreigner does when we (Old, old, very old Gen Xer's) go to Moondance Jam.

I thought you could go to Coachella and see Rage Against The Machine, TOOL and Danzig. Apparently I was wrong. Somewhere down through time, the festival has apparently become a hipster event.

I discovered this thanks to a young attractive interweb girl, Ali Spagnola, who I follow on Twitter.

Except, watching the video has brought another of my problems to the surface;

Apparently I don't know what a hipster is, either. Dammit.