Found near the border of Minnesota in Grant County, Wisconsin, this snake spanned the width of 2 lanes as it crossed the road. Where there's 1, there's more!

The Grant County Sheriff's Office was alerted by the public that a python-looking snake was on the loose. After viewing the picture above, they determined it was a bull snake and it was nearly 70 inches long. Area residents should keep an eye on small children and pets while this bull snake is on the loose.

Bull snakes (or also referred to as Minnesota gopher snakes) are not venomous, but can attack and draw blood. They are found all over Minnesota, and are often mistaken for rattle snakes because they hiss and shake their tail that resembles the sound of a rattle snake. The video below shows just how bull snakes can react when you come in contact with them.

Minnesota has 2 species of venomous snakes - Timber Rattler, and Eastern Massasauga. Both are found in southeastern areas of Minnesota, and rarely encountered.

Source: MN DNR

The official Grant County Wisconsin Alert: