If you woke up in a bad mood today and for once you don't know why, here are three possible reasons.  For me it's rare to question why my mood is bad - cause I already know.  

1. You're not getting enough fruits and vegetables - Apparently there IS a reason that fruits and vegetables are on the food pyramid - they are good for us.  Huh, who knew?  A recent study found that people that ate more of these two foods were happier, less likely to be depressed, and less anxious.

2. You're dehydrated - I didn't realize this affected our mood, but according to a study in 2012, even being a little dehydrated can put us in a bad mood.

3. You check Facebook too much - I hate facebook so I know this isn't causing my bad mood.......wait.....maybe my hatred of facebook is causing my bad mood.  Either way, another study found that if you are on facebook constantly, you are probably realizing what a wasted of time it is, thus putting you in a bad mood.

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