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  • No surprise here, but Uncle Ted is very pleased with the 2016 Presidential Election. Ted Nugent took to Facebook and said "Thank you America, good going. Good work!” in regards to President Elect Donald J. Trump.
  • We were all super excited about the buzz around The Allman Brothers possibly re-uniting, and Gregg's own solo album that's coming out soon. But sadly, Gregg Allman has canceled the rest of his 2016 shows to heal a bruised vocal chord.
  • This Record Store Day, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a new live album from Billy Idol! On November 25th, Idol will release BFI Live!, a triple live album! BFI Live! features three songs from Kings & Queens along with classics like “Rebel Yell,” “Cradle of Love” and “White Wedding.”
  • You’d think that opening for Motley Crue would be an amazing thing for any band – but apparently the grass is not always greener. The band Raskins, who opened for Motley Crue, is suing  for “hazing” and other unfavorable conditions for a whomping 30 million dollars.

SOURCE: Ultimate Classic Rock