Tom Scholz isn’t giving up. He is now suing one of his former Boston bandmates for trademark infringement. 

According to The Boston Globe, Tom Scholz has filed suit against former bandmate and guitarist Barry Goudreau and accuses him of "persistent, unauthorized, and willful misuse" of the name Boston and is also abusing his position within the group, which, according to Tom is, deprives Scholz of his ability to control fully the nature and quality" of the band and their, "products and services." He also claims that Barry is harming the band’s "valuable reputation and goodwill."

Barry played with Boston for their first two albums and finally left the band for good in 1981. Tom claims that Barry only made “minimal” contributions to the band and is only entitled to 20 percent royalties from the band. With the suit, Tom is trying to block Barry from using the Boston name and formally end their 20 percent agreement.

Tom is quite sue-happy lately.

He recently sued The Boston Herald for “exploiting” the death of lead singer Brad Delp, saying that Tom was responsible for Brad’s death and that the article caused Tom “emotional distress”. Tom was also involved in a number of other lawsuits surrounding Brad’s death, including a lawsuit brought by Tom to Brad’s widow, Micki, claiming that she defamed him in a story she gave in The Boston Globe.

Both suits have since been dismissed. We’ll keep you posted on how this latest lawsuit shakes out.