Tommy Lee recently took to his Facebook page to rip his fans for asking for his autograph. Now he's explaining why he went berserk.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee absolutely does not want to give you his autograph so stop asking. He blames the rant on an overly insensitive fan that was hounding him for his autograph and trying to take a picture with him recently.

He was at a funeral home picking up his mother's ashes when he was bombarded by the mortuary's receptionist. She was quite persistent in her request and wouldn't take no for an answer. He said that at that time he told her he would "rather not" and she pressed on and wouldn't leave him alone.

He said that it was really disrespectful and reported the receptionist to her boss. He explained that he wasn't trying to get her fired, but wanted to just get across that that wasn't the right time to be asking and wanted to file a complaint about the way he'd been treated.

Picking up mom's ashes, lady? Really?

In happier news, Motley Crue will be playing with KISS at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on August 29.