As we all know life can be a b**** - from your personal life to your work life there are stresses each day that give us hell.  Here are the top 10 things that stress us out the most.  

In a recent study researchers found that we all get stressed out around 14 times a day - for some the stress starts to pile as early as the time we get out of bed.  For me I try not to stress about things I have no control over, but that never seems to work.  I feel stress all day.

Here are 10 things that were found to stress us the most.

1. Feeling overweight -  Really, this is number one?  To me that is a stress of mine but way lower on the list.  
2. Not being able to find your keys, phone, or wallet -  I'm sure most of us stress about this, especially when trying to go to work or be somewhere on time.  I feel like I should have wallet/phone/key chain to keep everything close.
3. Not being able to fall asleep.- Yeah I feel this every day.  Even though I'm tired as hell at night I never seem to be able to fall asleep.
4. Arguments with your significant other -  I think if this is one of you major stresses you are with the WRONG person.  Just my two cents.
5. Generally feeling tired or in some kind of pain.- I guess as we get older this gets worse.
6. Money. - Being in radio this is my NUMBER ONE stress.  I HATE NEEDING MONEY.  
7. Being late for work - Ehh..ya get there when ya get there.
8. Family issues - This doesn't even make MY top 10 list,
9. Oversleeping and having to catch up - I wish I had the problem of oversleeping.
10. Cleaning the house -
Actually cleaning the house doesn't stress me out as much as organizing the crap I have.  I have a hard time with knowing where to put things.  Once they're in their place keeping everything clean is easy.