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How old fashioned are we these days?  Well, according to a recent survey, the times have changed and more than half of woman asked in this poll said they are more likely to do these traditionally male chores. Let me preface by saying that I am NOT sexist.  Honestly.  I'm cool with my wife doing any number of these repairs as long as she is safe.  I for one am excited about this.  Now I can drink more beer on Saturdays - that rocks!  I know that my wife will take charge of some of these on the list because I am ADD and keep spinning in circles while trying to fix stuff.  She just does it.  I'm cool with that though.

Here are the top five traditional male chores that more and more woman are taking on these days.  You can get the full list of 10 at Daily Mail

1.  Changing light bulbs - Really?  That is the easiest of all.
2.  Replacing a blown fuse or resetting the fuse box - Again, something that doesn't take much to do.
3.  Fixing a leak in the sink - This one can be tricky.  You actually have to investigate under your sink a bit to determine where the leak is.  I know from experience my wife doesn't really like lying under the sink.
4.  Fixing a toilet that won't stop running. - This one is difficult.  At least for me. Our toilet at home has been running and I don't even know where to start.  I'm pretty sure it's a seal but haven't pinpointed it yet.  Again, another repair my wife does NOT want to tackle.
5.  Replacing a broken doorknob - Go for it, fix it babe!