Aside from a couple of releases this month it's a British Invasion relived through box sets from The Beatles and The Stones. I Love it and you will too.

Aerosmith is kicking things off with their long awaited, 'Music From Another Dimension' which is their 15th studio album. Last we heard from the guys was 2004 with, 'Honkin' On Bobo.'  As promised from Joe Perry (guitar), they brought back the sounds of the 70's which indeed is the sound of classic rock. Special guest cameo vocalists on this album are Johnny Depp and Carrie Underwood.

Available on CD,Vinyl LP and released November 6th, 2012

Led Zeppelin - 'Celebration Day', one could say this is a reunion of reunions that was performed at The London's O2 Arena. Aside from the theaters it played in there were 18,000 people that witnessed this show. Note worthy: 20 million tried to get tickets for this event of musical history. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were joined by the late Jon Bonham son Jason on drums for this 16 song set of bliss.

Available on CD, Vinyl LP and Blu-Ray and released November 19th, 2012

How could we forget The Beatles, their music is everywhere and this release won't be the last, 'The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set.'  Be prepared to dish out $341.99 for this baby, of course no matter if you happen to be a true collector. It has 16 albums of remastered 180-gram vinyl which includes 12 studio albums from 1963 to 1970 (UK versions), 'Magical Mystery Tour', The 1998 compilation and Past Masters Volumes one and two.

New items include the first stereo releases in the United States of 'With The Beatles', 'Please Please Me', 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Beatles For Sale.' Also includes a 250 - page book (hardbound) and first stereo release of Past Masters. Can be purchased as a box-set or individually.

Available on Vinyl LP and released November 13, 2012

The Rolling Stones - 'GRRR', Stone lovers this is your day as this includes a 50 - track box set, a three - CD deluxe version with book (hardcover), you also get five postcards,

four - CD super deluxe edition with 7" vinyl, a hardback book, poster, a five LP 12" vinyl edition and digital download. Now the bonus: The Stone's first single (a cover of Chuck Berry's, "Come On" (June 1963) plus two new songs. Bingo!

Released November 13th, 2012

Might add:

The Who - 'Live At Hull 1970' This is a two -box set of 32 - remastered and re-mixed tracks that date from the February 1970 concert.

Available on CD and released November 6th, 2012

Simon Townsend - 'Looking Out Looking In' If the last name sounds familiar it is , Simon is also one of The Who's current guitarists and this is his sixth solo release.

Available on CD,MP3 and released November 6th, 2012

And still going strong from his catalog is The Master Frank Zappa. The next installment will be released November 19th, 2012 on CD and more heading your way in December.