There wasn't any question at most that the critics were pretty harsh with their reviews on 'Foot Loose and Fancy Free', but sales were a different story.

In Rolling Stone's December 15th, 1977 Edition, Joe McEwen wrote , "There are a lot of kids in England who don't care what kind of fashionably gauche trinkets decorate Rod Stewart's high class, Hollywood home or what the exact terms (if any) of his separation from Britt Eckland will be. They don't care that Stewart has lost his touch with them, not only musically but culturally as well."

Reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine stated in an Allmusic review about the album that it, "was a limp effort from an increasingly complacent Rod Stewart, with the exception of the dumb, sleazy "Hot Legs," none of the rockers are discernable from each other, and this time he doesn't have a strong set of ballads to save him."

Critics are writers and do voice their opinion, they don't but the albums the fans do, so say what you may, the album reached #2 on the Billboard LP Top 50, had three songs that charted and sold more than three million copies. I say to the critics, "Any question?"

CD Track List:

  1. "Hot Legs"
  2. "You're Insane"
  3. "You're In My heart ( The Final Acclaim)"
  4. "Born Loose"
  5. "You Keep Me Hangin' On"
  6. "(If Lovin' You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To be Right"
  7. "You Got A Nerve"
  8. "I Was Only Joking"

Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" (Check out the legs in this video)


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