Airlines charge for everything these days, but there are a few airlines that will still serve you free booze!

Is there anything worse than traveling with a nervous flier or being a nervous flier and then having to pay $10 for a beer at the airport bar? Granted, beer and wine aren't that expensive on flights, but there are some airlines that don't accept cash, so you have to pay with a credit card and no, you can't start a tab.

Usually the ones that are stingy with the free drinks are the ones that are based in the U.S. and even then the free booze is restricted to first class international flights and who the crap can afford that? Beer and wine are served on most flights on most airlines and Minneapolis based Delta Airlines only serves beer and wine on flights over six hours and most places in the lower 48 states from the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport don't take six hours to get to.

The airlines based in the U.S. that still serve free drinks on their international flights regardless of class are American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Alaska Air. The rest do not. You can also get free booze on board KLM, Qantas and Virgin.

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Just be careful. You can get really really drunk really really fast in an airplane.