Not all of these are the most ethical things in the world, but as long as no one gets killed, who cares? 

Just remember: These tips may be a tad shady, but there is NOTHING illegal about any of this stuff.

When you call for customer service anywhere; whether it's for your phone, your computer, a warranty or product question, select the option for Spanish. The wait times are shorter and most of those people speak English anyway.

If you're emailing about something you saw in the want ads or on Craigslist, send them a super low ball offer. Like, so low, they'll send you an email back and tell you to go jump in the lake, but just make sure you email them from a junk email account. Then, from your real account, send them an offer that's more reasonable. The seller will probably be more likely to accept your offer.

If there's a hot sporting event or concert in the area, buy the cheap seats. Then, the day of the show, put your tickets up for sale on an Internet ticket site above face value. Bam. Free money.

What's better than a cheap drink? Free drinks. When you go out with your friends, say you've sworn off drinking for the night. Your posse will be much more likely to want to buy you a round or two in order to persuade you to drink.

You're welcome.