Bono is lining up musicians to cover one of their most iconic albums. Who's on it and what he has to say about it. 

Bono decided that a great way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of U2's Achtung Baby was to put together a covers album.

He says the band is recruiting a diverse group of musicians to play their interpretations of the songs on that record. Jack White will be doing "Love Is Blindness", Patti Smith will play "Until The End Of The World", Damian Rice is covering "One" and Depeche Mode will play their take on "So Cruel".

Bono calls the experience of listening to these musicians play U2's songs a "strange experience" because when he hears the record all he can hear is "What's wrong with it", but when he hears others play the music he thinks it's, "quite good."

There's no official release date for the record, however the 20th Anniversary remastered deluxe version of the original Achtung Baby will be available next month.