Ted Nugent strapped on his bow and headed to Springfield this past Sunday!

The wacky hijinks begin as Homer deadpans an impression of Rush Limbaugh and takes on a job as a talk-show host of 'Politically Inept' while being the talking-head of a new movement nicknamed 'The Gravy Boat', secretly run by Mr. Burns (an obvious swipe at The Tea-Partiers).

During a smoke-filled room secret meeting of the Gravy Boaters, Homer mentions that voting Democrat would work, since they act like Republicans once they take office. The Reverend Theodocious Atrocious shows up, takes aim and while misses Homie with an arrow, he skewers the would-be doughy politico with one of his blistering rants.

The show ends with Ted declaring and busting out a new song 'that we'll never hear'.
You can watch the full episode here.