Take The Morning Sideshow POLL, Do you think 'Upskirting' Is a crime?Essentially 'Upskirting' is someone taking pictures/videos underneath women's skirts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled against it being a crime,in other words; it's legal.

Michael Robertson was arrested in 2010 courtesy of a sting operation taking pictures and videos underneath the skirts of women.  He was basically looking at probably two to three years in jail, since the court upheld the charges he faces nothing. The court states the was no nudity involved or partial nudity which play a part in the states 'Peeping Tom' laws. Since the women were fully clothed regardless if any underwear are on or not,he committed no crime and set free.

Let The Morning Sideshow know how you feel on the subject by taking our POLL. I personally say the court has a strong case.