When you stop and use a vending machine, have you ever wished they had one besides those for candy bars and drink?

Well you might be in luck but it will take some traveling to find one like, for example; a vending machine that sells pizza, well you can find them in Europe. Here's a rundown of some pretty quirky vending machines:

  • Japan - One can find lettuce, banana, draft beer, Sake and canned bread machines.
  • Moscow - Burger machines
  • China - Live crab machines
  • Germany - Eggs, sausage, milk and cheese machines
  • France - French baguette (french bread)
  • America - Wine vending machines
  • Texas - Pecan pie machines
  • Los Angeles - Caviar machines
  • Las Vegas - Live lobster machines

They may sound crazy but when in need they do come in handy. There's even a vending machine that makes you do crazy things for a free snack, check it out in the attached video.