As if being the Vice President of the United States didn't keep you busy enough, why not ad making a guest appearance on a hit TV show to your list of things to do.

VP Joe Biden found the time to film an episode of the hit TV show 'Parks and Recreation' earlier this fall, in which he plays himself. The episode will air next Thursday (November 15th). NBC had to hold off on airing the episode until after the election because of equal time election laws.

In the episode Amy Poehler's character, local councilwoman Leslie Knope, has a surprise meeting with Biden in Washington D.C. Amy said, "...He was a good sport and a great improvisor. The Vice President maintained his composure while I harassed him and invaded his personal space..."

Well I'm glad VP Biden has such great time management skills, I mean he must, right? If he can find the time to dip his toes into acting while still performing his VP duties, and campaigning for re-election. Because I can't imagine anyone would have the audacity to put their Vice Presidential duties on hold - especially during the most critical time of his career leading up to the election - to go play in Hollywood.