You heard it right, Coach Zimmer is saying that he's keeping Blair Walsh as the team's kicker. We've got the poll results to show most Minnesotans don't feel the same way.

In a press conference today, Mike Zimmer addressed the media about the kicker situation, and said they tried out a few kickers yesterday but have decided to continue playing Blair Walsh.

See the press conference video here.

Coach Zimmer made sure to point out that not long ago the Packers' kicker, Mason Crosby, was having a tough year and the Packers stuck with him and Crosby is great again. They will continue to work with Walsh and give him confidence that he still has a job.

Earlier this week I posted a poll asking about whether you feel Walsh needs to be replaced. The results were not too surprising considering the last game we played. See the poll results below:

Is it time to release Blair Walsh?
91.16% - Yes, he's got to go!
8.84% - No, he's a good kicker and we need him.

We wish the Vikings the best of luck against Washington on Sunday, let's hope it doesn't come down to Blair Walsh for the win :(