With the new Vikings stadium comes some new challenges. One of them is the now owned parking lots where the new Vikings stadium sits.

The closest parking lots to the Metrodome were the biggest, and best, tailgate parties before the game. Those lots are no longer there and there is an issue at hand about other area lots allowing tailgate parties around the Vikings game in 2016 and beyond!

What's a home game without a place to have a tailgate party? That's what the Vikings' owners are asking as well. The Elliot Park Neighborhood, and Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood, of Minneapolis would be the only option for allowing a tailgate party crowd in parking lots before games in the new stadium. Both have agreed to a deal with the Minnesota Vikings to allow tailgating in those areas, but the deal has to be presented and agreed upon by the Minneapolis City Counsel.

The concern is about the respect of those neighborhoods and the aftermath cleanup of those areas around each Vikings game. The Vikings' officials realize that part of the game day is the celebration that happens before and after each game. Not having designated places tailgating is allowed would be devastating to the fans of the game and it's fan base.

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