Middle of the pack. Other than a good year or two, I feel like everything the Vikes do is 'middle of the pack.' Their record, fan loyalty (ranked 18th last week), and now even the uniforms. I know prettiest doesn't win, but coming in behind Cleveland? Really?!

ESPN's 'Uni Watch' Power Rankings are out, and the Viking's new uniforms come in at number 17 on the list. Chicago came out on top, followed by Green Bay, Oakland, Seattle, and Buffalo.

"The Vikes' return to aesthetic respectability carries the whiff of Nikefied gimmickry -- all unnecessary. Still, it's all so much better than what they were wearing before that it qualifies as a major leap forward."

The Jacksonville Jaguars were last on the list with ESPN's Paul Lukas saying, "If you dress like a clown and win, you look like a winner. But if you dress like a clown and lose, you just look like a clown."

Clearly Paul Lukas is a fan of the traditional look.

Uniform power rankings were done for all of the professional sports leagues. The Twins came in at 24th in the MLB. The Timberwolves were 29 of 30 in the NBA. The Wild came in at 10th in the NHL.