You may know that the Twin Cities is a sort of mecca for advertising and ad agencies. That may be part of the reason The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has hosted screenings of the British TV Ad Awards for the last 27 years.

This year they may have been revamped as The 2013 British Arrow Awards, but the show still lays out the very best of UK humour, irreverence and stunning emotion-inducing TV commercials. Many feature actors we're very familiar with, and who would never do a TV ad in America.

The opening nights are sold out, but the screenings run frequently through the first week in January. Tickets are reasonably priced at $12, $10 if you're a member. You can get more on the screening times and tickets here.

Below are a couple of the winners. The Kevin Bacon ad for the movie streaming service EE is by far the most inventive of the bunch, even so it only garnered a bronze award.

2013 Arrow Award for Commercial of the Year:
Meet The Superhumans

An Obligatory Christmas winner- Gold Award - The Truth

A Classic Kid vs Adult - Bronze Winner - Dad's Day Out

This spot won for Best Cinematography

AND YES, believe it not TWO AXE commercials won Golds