If you had a celebrity you wanted to be buried close to who would it be? Well Marilyn Monroe is available for a pretty penny.

A topic on the Morning Sideshow, so for a mere $699,000 you can be buried right up there next to Marilyn Monroe.

She's buried in a crypt at The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. Be kind of odd if decide to go there and your last name is Kennedy.

The owner of the plot is named Tom Gregory, when he bought the plot it cost him $350,000 and it's for sell at $10,300 per square foot.

Location, location, location is what makes this piece of property so valuable at least according to Tom. Just think you and three friends could all be buried next to Marilyn, yes it holds up to four people.

It's almost like getting to Rest in Peace next to a gorgeous Piece.

That's okay I'm going to be cremated.