I never imagined Bob Dylan as a rough and tough biker dude, but Bob says there's a link between he and the legendary biker gang. 

Hibbing, Minnesota native Bob Dylan, nee Robert Zimmerman tells Rolling Stone Magazine that he feels a connection to one of the deceased members of the Hell's Angels.

Now, Bob himself isn't one of the gang, but once upon a time there was a member of Hell's Angels named Robert Zimmerman. Bob says he discovered the man of the same name when he was reading the book Hell's Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels. Bob says that he didn't know who he was before reading the book, but found it interesting the Robert the Biker sadly died in a motorcycle accident in the 1960's. You may or may not know that Bob Dylan almost died in a motorcycle accident in 1966.

You can read more about how the motorcycle accident changed him and how his 35th studio album Tempest came together in the latest issue ofRolling Stone Magazine with Bob Dylan on the cover.

The issue is on newsstands today.