On a normal day, Adrian Peterson would have been carried out on a cart. Last night they walked him through a restaurant on the way to the locker room.

Is it me or did something get overlooked at the new U.S. Bank Stadium with players ability to get carted off the field - to the locker room? He had to walk the entire way to the locker room, from the field and through the Delta Sky 360 Club to get to the locker room.

So the idea is a neat one...people in the restaurant club get to cheer on the team as they walk through the restaurant runway to get to the field. I'm sure club members pay a steep fee to be that close to the field and get treated like a VIP. For the players in this case, apparently the flatbed cart doesn't fit through there? Did the Vikings overlook this issue?

As the cameras followed A.P. through the restaurant hopping on 1 foot with the medical trainers on each arm, it was painful to watch. Not because of the injury, but rather because we have a new $1.1 billion dollar stadium and we can't cart our injured players off the field to the locker room. Something is wrong with this picture.

In case you missed it, here's a tweet showing the long walk to the locker room: