Pilot Felix Baumgartner has been in free falls before, but not like this one. Red Bull is sponsoring Felix in this dazzling display of James Bondery: He's has ascended onto the edge of Earth's atmosphere in a stratospheric balloon and will make a free-fall jump that will take him to super-sonic speed. That's faster than the speed of sound.

He'll plummet to near 5,000 feet above the earth where he'll deploy his parachute and hope to slow his progress the Mother Earth. From this point he has 10-15 minutes before reaching the ground. His total time in the air from the edge of space to Earth: 15-20 minutes. For an intersting interactive web-graphic on the mission, click here.
The live feed of this event is now over, but you can see the video and a photo gallery by clicking on the button below: